5 Awesome Health-Boosting Herbal Teas That Actually Taste Good!

You’ve decided to take the leap and try to cut back on your tea and coffee consumption for the sake of your health. It’s been a long time coming, but you’re serious about giving it a go this time even if it means giving up your favourite mid-morning coffee.

Naturally you do what every health-conscious lady would do; you head to your local shop in search of decent substitutes that won’t have you falling off the wagon and back into the arms of your regular brew.

There you discover a ton of tempting-looking assorted herbal and fruit teas and throw them enthusiastically into your shopping trolley, feeling utterly smug and virtuous. When you get home, you flick the kettle on, pull out the best china and wait excitedly for your very first sip.

The deliciously light fragrance wafts gently towards your nostrils and you elegantly lift the cup to your lips and drink…

[insert sound of record coming to a screeching halt]

Euuugh!! This is nothing more than a bucket of boiled grass!!”  you exclaim in disgust, and then toss the contents into the nearest pot plant, and start making yourself a ‘proper’ brew instead.

But don’t start thinking that you’ve found a reason to give up with your new adventure. There are plenty of herbal and fruit teas out there that will tickle your tastebuds, and let your soul do a little dance of victory. It’s just a case of finding them!

So here’s a list of my top five herbal teas ever. They’re all beginner-friendly, taste amazing and have a ton of health benefits too.


redbush tea Awesome Tea # 1: Rooibos (aka. Redbush)

Rooibos tea is a classic South African treat with an every-so-slightly sweet taste and warming scent. Just the tiniest sniff of the stuff takes me right back to my pregnancy with my son, R when I drank buckets of the stuff.

It’s also really high in antioxidants, contains numerous heart-protecting qualities, helps clears your skin and improves your digestion.

It’s best with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice (great alkalizer) and a spoon of stevia or honey, but you also drink it with milk if you so desire.


licorice tea Awesome Tea #2 :Liquorice

If I was sent off to a desert island in the Pacific and could only bring one luxury item, it might have to be liquorice tea. It’s naturally very sweet (try it and you will see!) and yummy, plus it has anti-depressant properties, helps overcome PMT and menstrual problems and gives you that boost of energy you often need mid-afternoon.

I’ll admit that it’s a tea that you’ll either love or hate, but I’ll leave it up to you to decide.

There’s only one way to drink it- straight up!


spearmint Awesome Tea #3: Spearmint

Mint is the classic refreshing herbal tea, renowned for its abilities to soothe the digestive system. But its strong taste often isn’t ideal for the beginner. Your best option is to go for spearmint, which retains all of the benefits, but tastes much milder.

It’s also brilliant for balancing your hormones, relieves stress (yes please!), improving your circulation and keeping your immune system ticking over nicely.

Drink it however you like (although it’s probably not so nice with milk!).


ginger root Awesome Tea #4: Ginger

Ginger tea is the only thing that works for my son’s awful car sickness. We’ve tried everything else-alternative and mainstream- but with no luck, so ginger tea really was a godsend. If you too are a sufferer of motion sickness or are doing battle with morning sickness, I’d highly recommend you try it.

It will also boost your circulation, relieve your migraines, improve your fertility, fight off colds and flu and help you to de-stress the delicious way.

But did you know that you can make your own ginger tea instead of using a teabag? Simmer a small piece of ginger root for ten minutes, add fresh lemon juice and honey or stevia, and enjoy!


lemon balm Awesome Tea #5: Lemonbalm

Give me anything that tastes of lemon, and you can practically guarantee I’ll fall in love with it (except if it’s non-veggie!). Which might explain why I’m such a big fan of Lemonbalm.

It’s an intensely uplifting herb in the mint family, great for SAD and brilliant for upset tummies, headaches and migraine, menstrual cramps and even anxiety. Best of all, it’s completely safe for kiddies and when drunk before bedtime, can even prevent nightmares. We’ve certainly had a few of them in our house.

You can grow it right on your windowsill without much difficulty, and pick your own fresh leaves, or buy some high-quality dried leaves or teabags from your local shop.


No more excuses for quitting that healthy-living plan! Let Rooibos, Liquorice, Spearmint, Ginger or Lemonbalm tea keep your tummy warm and your tastebuds happy. Which one will you try first?

Images © Selena N.B.H, Kate Hopkins,  Carlos LopezЙоана Петрова, Alice Henneman 

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