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Add that professional touch that connects you with a native market and helps boost sales

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You’ve worked incredibly hard over the years to learn English and to improve your knowledge so congratulations to you! As a fellow language learner, I know first hand just how hard this can be. 🙂

However, even if you manage to reach a very high level of English or even hold a C1 or C2 certificate, mistakes can often still slip through.

Tiny mistakes.

Mistakes that leave you looking unprofessional and affect the overall image of your brand.

Of course, this happens to native speakers too. I’ve polished and added a touch of my magic to plenty of native speakers’ blog posts, emails, sales letters, websites and other copy over the years.

I’ve seen the mess that a typo, misspelt words, lack of ‘flow’, wrong words and other minor mistakes can make.

But smoothing over those mistakes, proofreading, editing and adding linguistic shine demands a whole different approach for non-native speakers.

That’s why I’m here.

To fix those minor issues, help your English sound natural and to help you drive sales just as effectively as you would in your mother tongue.

I can help proofread and edit websites, blog posts, newsletters, sales emails, websites, press releases, case studies, university applications and much more.


Discover how incredible your writing can look when polished by a qualified native speaker


Speak your ideal customers' language and better connect so you can boost sales


Boost your business success by sharing your message professionally and naturally


  • Removal of typos, misspelt words, ‘false friends’ and other minor errors

  • Improved ‘flow’ of the text so it sounds native

  • Greater appeal to the  tourism market

  • A professional edge that helps improve trust in your business and boost your brand

  • Better connection with your potential clients

  • Boosted sales and an increase in income (or getting that place at university!)

  • Greater authority in your niche

  • Ability to display your expertise to an international audience


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