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snack challenge charlotte witts

The 28-Day Vegan Snack Challenge

“Hey hey hey!! Welcome to this super-awesome Snack Challenge which officially starts TODAY!

I’m soo pleased to have you here with me and I can’t wait for us to get started!!

Over the next few weeks, you’ll be transforming your snack habits so you can become the best version of yourself EVER! You’ll boost your energy, shed any excess pounds, clear up your skin, soothe your digestion and end up feeling stronger, brighter and a million times more energetic than before.  [READ MORE HERE]

wellness retreat thank you emailThe Wellness Retreat Thank You Email

Hi *|FNAME|*

I don’t know about you but Jane and I had such a wonderful time this weekend with you on our very first [brand name] Retreat.

Thanks so much for coming along and making the experience so very special. We wouldn’t have been able to do it without the warmth, humour and passion of so many lovely ladies.

As well as discovering blissful relaxation, experiencing some incredible yoga, reconnecting with our inner selves through the power of guided meditation, soaking up that Gong bath AND enjoying some mouth-watering vegetarian meals we also had so much fun!!

If you want to see just how silly we got, sign up for the newsletter and check out the really funny testimonial video we made there. [READ MORE HERE]

hormones newsletter charlotte witts

Are Your Hormones Making You Crazy?

Morning [first name],

Last night I held another webinar called “Are Your Hormones Making You Crazy?” in which I explained why you feel so rubbish at certain points in your cycle, and why it’s likely to get even worse as you move towards the menopause and peri-menopause. [READ MORE HERE] 




reduce your sugar intake charlotte witts10 Signs You Need to Reduce Your Sugar Intake ASAP

Did you know that the average UK adult sugar consumption is a staggering 58.8g each day?

That’s almost 15 teaspoons each and every day!

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this statistic for the first time, and I’m pretty sure you can’t either.

However, given the health risks that eating too much sugar brings plus the fact that the ​Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition (SACN) recommends that we should limit our daily sugar intake to 25g (5% of our daily calories) it looks like we need to make reducing our sugar intake a priority. But aside from measuring each and every teaspoon of sugar to pass our lips, ​how do we know if we’re eating too much sugar? [READ MORE HERE]

diet charlotte witts 4 Superb Ways to Lose Weight Without Feeling Bored or Hungry

Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and thought, ”Oh my goodness, I really HAVE to do something about [those horrible love handles/my thighs/my belly/any other body part]”?

You feel uncomfortable in your own skin, you feeling fat and frumpy and you want to lose some extra weight so you don’t have to feel self-conscious when you put on a swimsuit or fasten up your jeans.

So you do what anyone else in your position would do- you tell yourself sternly “RIGHT! I’m going on a strict diet!!!” and vow you’ll never let yourself eat a chocolate eclair for as long as you live. [READ MORE HERE] 

contraceptive pill charlotte wittsDid You Know the Contraceptive Pill Could ‘Break’ Your Hormones?

I’ll be honest. The contraceptive pill has been blessing for many women.

When it was introduced in the 60s, it accelerated the social revolution that was taking place at the time. Women were suddenly empowered to choose their own path through life and break out of the shadow of men without worrying about unplanned pregnancies.

They could take control, they could choose when to have children, they could follow exciting career paths or further education instead of getting married young and taking care of the kids. Life wouldn’t be quite the same today if it wasn’t for the contraceptive pill.

However, there’s a darker side to the contraceptive pill and other forms of hormonal contraception that often doesn’t get discussed. It’s the damage that those tiny little pills can do to our long-term hormonal health and even our experience of the menopause. [READ MORE HERE]

menstrual cup charlotte witts Why YOU Should Switch to a Menstrual Cup

I get it- they sound kinda ‘​icky ​
’ don’t they?

The thought of all that blood swooshing around in some strange plastic menstrual cup instead of getting sucked up by the same ‘clean’ tampons or towels you’ve been using since you got your very first period…

But actually, menstrual cups couldn’t be anything further from ‘icky’ and I’ve completely fallen in love with them!! Switching to them has completely revolutionised my world, simplified my life, and even helped me do my bit for saving the planet. [READ MORE HERE] 

bali yoga retreat charlotte witts Want to Go On a Yoga Retreat in Bali? Read This First

Bali is one of the most beautiful locations on earth to enjoy a blissful yoga retreat.

There’s simply no other place on earth you can enjoy stunningly beautiful tropical jungle, rice paddies, waterfalls and Balinese temples, sip coconut water whilst you relax in a hammock, completely disconnect from the madness of the western world whilst at the same time deepening your yoga practice, practising meditation, enjoying healthy, nourishing foods, experiencing soothing holistic therapies, reconnecting with nature, learning how to surf or even getting certified as a yoga teacher.

We’ve gone through all our yoga retreats listings to pull out the very best Balinese yoga retreats. From the budget yoga retreats, right up to those luxury a-la-carte yoga holidays, from surfing and yoga, to detox and cleansing, to cultural education and adventure- you’re sure to find your perfect Bali yoga retreat on this list. Keep reading!  [READ MORE HERE]

christmas healthy charlotte witts6 Genius Ways to Make Christmas Dinner Healthy (But Enjoyable!)

Worried about overeating at Christmas? Looking for great tips and tricks that will help you make your Christmas dinner healthy?

Then you’re in the right place.

Because today I’m here to show you how you can stick to your healthy diet at Christmas whilst still enjoying the festive season to the max. You’ll feel energised, nourished and even excited (even about those cringe-worthy rounds of charades!) instead of feeling bloated, sluggish and sick. You ​won’t ​need to deprive yourself, you ​won’t ​ ever feel left out, and you might even inspire friends and family to move towards a healthy lifestyle too. [READ MORE HERE]


Why You Should Definitely Stay at Our Hostels, NOT a Hotel

Calling all hostel virgins and ex-hostel guests who think they’re getting “a bit old for hostel life”! You really should come and stay at our awesome Irish hostels.

Yes, I know I’m ever so slightly biased (aherm….) but for a good reason. You see, hostels are far superior to hotels in just about every way. [READ MORE HERE]

flores island azores charlotte witts

5 Breathtaking Places to Visit on Flores Island, Azores

As you might know if you know me personally, or follow me on Twitter, we’ve just returned from a very well-deserved break away to another of the Azores islands not too far away away from where we live in Faial; Flores island.

You’ve probably never heard of Flores, nor have a clue about where it is so let me fill you in on some all-important background info.

Flores is one of the most westerly islands in the Azores archipelago which is positioned almost midway out into the Atlantic Ocean (click this link to see it on Google Earth) and is part of Portugal.

With just over 4000 residents, it’s one of the smallest and the most remote, second only to the teeny tiny island of Corvo just nearby. Luckily for me, it’s also one of Europe’s best-kept secrets. [READ MORE HERE] 

cliffs of moher charlotte witts

Is Visiting the Cliffs of Moher a Complete Waste of Time?

The Cliffs of Moher are Ireland’s most visited tourist attraction. EVER!

Conde Naste Traveller voted these stunning cliffs ‘Best Cliff View in the World’, they’ve been awarded UNESCO Global Geopark status and they also hold TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence so they definitely have plenty of boast about.

Stretching for 5 miles (8km) along the west coast of Ireland these epic natural cliffs reach a staggering 214 metres (702 feet) into the wind-swept sky and descend steeply and unforgivingly back down into the wild Atlantic Ocean. [READ MORE HERE]

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