Raise your ranking with high-quality SEO copywriting that informs, boosts engagement and converts your target audience.

Get noticed

Find your ideal clients, capture their attention and grow your business

More than just SEO

Engaging and easy-to-digest content that keeps readers and search engines happy.

Up to date practices

Stay ahead of algorithm changes and updates by creating the right content that gets results

Getting noticed = business growth

Words are powerful tools when it comes to business success.

They can help connect you to your customers, get you onto the top pages of Google, boost sales and help you to crush your business goals.

Back in the day, keyword stuffing (or web spamming) was how most people used these words to get ranked highly by those search engines and make more sales.

But thankfully, times have changed for the better.

Making SEO work is now about creating high-quality SEO content that solves the needs of the reader first then considers SEO ranking second. It’s about adding value, demonstrating your expertise and helping your ideal customers find you. It’s about using branding and creative copy to make ‘the system’ work for you.

Hire me as your SEO copywriter and I can help you create outstanding SEO content that’s free from fluff, content spinning and other spammy practices and brimming with value.

I also stay up to date with all those algorithm changes as they happen so I can create outstanding SEO copy for you that provides mazimum ROI.



"Charlotte has changed the way I think about my business 100%. Having her onboard has made ideas and dreams become reality. Highly recommended by a friend, Charlotte got my vision from the offset which makes it a lot easier for us to work together virtually. I look forward to continuing our working relationship and would highly recommend Charlotte's services."
Eleshia Harris
Founder: Eleshia Lifestyle
"What can I say about Charlotte's writing skills other than they're INCREDIBLE! I felt she asked the right questions to really get to know me and my business well and created work that was better than I could have imagined! I would def recommend Charlotte."
Emma Thomas
Founder: Lean Lady Fitness