The ABCs of Content Marketing for Wellness Businesses

Content marketing is one of the best ways to spread your message, reach new customers, drive conversions and grow your business.

Sounds beautifully simple, doesn’t it?

But if you’re not too sure of what you’re doing and you’re not using the highest-performing content marketing strategies, tools and techniques, you could be wasting your time.

To help you kick-start your growth journey and build your content marketing skills, here’s a beginner-friendly ABC guide to the world of content marketing.

You’ll learn tips regarding the components of successful content marketing, what to focus on and how to drive your business towards greater success. Enjoy!


If you want to understand the type of content that your customers or clients love, keep your eye on your analytics. Google Analytics is a free and easy way to start and provides in-depth information that can help you get ahead.


Blog posts are a great way to showcase your business, drive traffic, attract new customers, and build your brand as a whole. Create your content around topics that matter to your customers and use keywords that they actually search for to boost your Google rankings and provide more value to your customers.

Calls to Action

No piece of content can ever be complete without a call-to-action (CTA) because this is what converts those casual website visitors into potential customers. Spell out exactly what you want the reader to do.

Duplicate content

Got content that is repeated on the internet in more than one place? It’s time to get rid. If you don’t, Google won’t be sure which content to pay attention to and your search engine rankings are likely to suffer.

Editorial Calendar

An editorial calendar, (also known as a content calendar or blog calendar) helps you stay on top of the blog creation process, helping you to identify what you should create, who to target and how often you should be publishing.


Creating outstanding blog posts and content will help increase your number of followers on social media channels like Facebook and Twitter and other platforms.


Having clearly defined and actionable goals will help ensure your content works its magic and delivers results. For each piece of content you create, ask yourself, “What do I want to achieve here?


Want to grab attention and increase your following? Make sure your headlines are compelling enough to ignite curiosity and encourage a casual browser to read more.

Images (& other visuals)

Adding carefully chosen images and other visuals like infographics can help illustrate your point, engage your audience and help break up the text so it’s easier to digest. For maximum points, remember to add keywords to your ‘alt-text’. You’re welcome.


Always use words that your target audience or buyer persona will be familiar with, no matter what your industry. If you’re not speaking their language, they’re less likely to trust you and less likely to buy from you. Period.


Keywords are those words or phrases that someone types in when they are looking for information. Find out which words your target audience is looking for and you can optimise your content and improve your search rankings.

Lead magnet

Engage the Reciprocity Principle and build trust with your audience by giving your audience a free gift (aka lead magnet) in exchange for their email address. With their permission, you can then send them useful information via newsletters and emails.

Marketing plan

A content marketing plan will provide focus and direction for all your marketing efforts and outline your brand story, who you will target and what content you will produce.


It’s a fancy word, but it simply means grabbing a piece of recent news and writing about it.

For example, if you’re a yoga teacher who read the controversial story in the Independent newspaper about the woman who suffered a stroke whilst doing yoga, you might want to give your side of the story and explain how this can be prevented.

Equally, if there’s an international celebratory day such as World Menopause Day which draws attention to your industry, go ahead and create content around it.


Make your content easy to read, attractive, user-friendly and highly shareable to boost your digital marketing efforts and get noticed in your industry.


Still hitting that publish button and expecting your content to deliver results? That’s not going to happen. You should be spending at least a few hours promoting your content wherever you can. This includes using your mailing list, social media, and even PPC.


Create high-quality content on your website that doesn’t just fill the space but actually provides useful content for the reader. Google’s algorithms will reward you and your audience will be pretty happy too.


Want to get even more ROI from your content? Consider how you can use your blog post and turn it into a podcast, YouTube video, infographic, email series, or eBook to boost SEO, reach new audiences and build your following.

Social media

Social media is a great place to network, to make friends and to share your content, your values and your place in the world. However, don’t feel like you need to be everywhere. Research the social media platforms that your target audience enjoy then become present on them.

Target audience

Who are you creating content for? If you don’t know the answer to that question, you need to head off and do your research. Knowing who they are will allow you to create very specific content that addresses their pain points and also speaks their language.


Just like your business, your content should always stand out from the crowd, be written in your voice and speak your business or brand’s unique values to the world.  Be authentic and the followers will come.


According to Hubspot, videos are one of the most effective forms of social media marketing. If you’re not making videos then you could be falling behind. So, start creating video content that supports your online written content and help you to reach new audiences. These can be in the form of edited, highly polished YouTube or Vimeo videos or Facebook and Instagram Live recordings.


Want to connect more deeply with your audience, help solve their problems live and build trust? Then host a live webinar. Follow this great checklist by HubSpot to make sure it’s the best choice for you.


What sets you apart from your competition and really helps you stand out? Also known as a USP (unique selling point) in the marketing world, knowing this can really help you drill down to what matters, find your perfect target audience and grow your business.


YouTube now has more than a billion active users across the world, many of which will care about the product or service you have to offer. It’s also the second most powerful search engine. If you’re not already using YouTube for your content marketing efforts, start now!

Zero excuses

Your business isn’t going to build itself. Get out there into the world, embrace the power of content marketing by creating blog posts and other content that can get you noticed and drive more sales.

Stand out from your competitors, solve problems and drive sales by building your content marketing strategy. If you’d like help creating outstanding blog posts that drive conversions, reach out to me today.

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